Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anti Aging Skin Care: How to delay Aging effects

Anti Aging Skin CareIf you start anti aging skin care before the aging effects then it will be more beneficial from preventing your skin to aging effects. Aging is sure and this always effects everyone’s life but if you apply some useful remedies for anti aging then aging effects will surely be delayed on your skin. To delay the aging effects you must take care of your skin by having anti aging skin care tips. Check below some of the very useful anti aging skin care tips.
  • To start with anti aging skin care first you need to know your skin type, it is dry or oily. Sensitive or very thick? Only when you know your skin type only then you can start anti aging skin care.
  • As you get to know your skin type, use the skin care products matching your skin type. Use only some natural skin care products that suit to your skin.
  • Hydrating your skin is very important. Drink lots of water in a day to properly hydrating your skin. Regularly take 6-8 glasses of water and avoid fast foods. Fast foods may give pimples on your skin and after that they convert in wrinkles and give aging effects earlier. So, don’t eat much fast food.
  • A good and healthy diet will always delay aging effects. So, take a healthy diet including green vegetables, salads and fruits with rich source of vitamins and proteins.
  • Take a good sleep. This is very important for anti aging skin care. Avoid the sun and protect to your eyes from dust and sun. Put one or two drops of rose water in your eyes before sleep. This is very effective for eyes.
  • Regular exercises are also very important. You can do yoga and other exercises. Face exercise is also very important to delay aging effects.
  • A final step for anti aging skin care is clean your skin regularly. It should not have any dust particles on it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Makeup for Night Party

night party make up tipsMakeup for night party should be very flashy so that you could look most attractive among all. Night party makeup sometimes is confusing for some people, because every time they want to look something different and for this they want to do something different. To get notices in the eye of everyone you should have a comfortable makeup and should not be done in a hurry. You must start your makeup early. Here are some of the points that you must remember while doing a makeup for party.

Wash your face properly with cold water and apply moisturizing lotion. Massage the lotion, this will help to keep your makeup for long. Now your face is ready for applying the makeup.

Now it comes to apply foundation on face. If you have pimples on your face, then apply concealer before applying the foundation. You need to apply concealer only on the affected areas, not on whole face. Color of foundation should be little lighter than your skin color.

Next is to select your eye shadows and lipstick colors. For the night party makeup you should use some dark colors, but the eye shadows and lipstick colors should never be contrast to each other.

If you thing that your lips have no proper shape, then first give a outline to your lips before applying lipstick. Don't use too much lipstick. It should be in natural way.

If you have dark circles under your eyes, then use a light concealer with white eye shadow. Don't use dark blushers on your face. Blushers should always be light as compare to your lipstick color.

You can also use some sparkles to look different and attractive in party.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bridal Hairstyle Tips

Wedding day is one of the most waited day in the life of a girl. Every bride wants to look best on her wedding day. To look perfect a bride perform lots of things.

One of the important aspects that should be kept in mind on this day is the hairstyling. A good hairstyle adds a special effect to your beauty. To choose a best hairstyle that suits on your face is very important. And your hairstyle should also match to your wedding dress. Some of the important aspects on which your hair style depends are the length of the hair, texture of the hair, wedding dress, bridal make up and your personality.

Some important tips for bridal hairstyle:

  • Keep your hair healthy. You need to start preparation for this a few days before.
  • Trim your hair a few weeks before your wedding day.
  • Be sure to fix an appointment with your beauty saloon to give a trial and to select the best hairstyle for you on this special day.
  • You can find some good hairstyles in any magazine or these days you can also search some good hairstyles online on internet.
  • Keep in mind about your dress style and personality before making a selection for your hairstyle. All these things are very important for making a good hair style.
  • Never wash your hair on the day of wedding. Try to wash them one day before the wedding day.
  • Your jewelry should be according to your hairstyle. Also keep in mind the venue and weather before selecting the hair style.
It is better if you make a final decision of your hairstyle after consulting your beauty saloon. Your hairstyle should add to your personality and you should tell everything to your hairstylist about your wedding day. Your hairstyle should be such that it adds to your personality. On this special day you can choose anything to add to your beauty. You are the main attraction on this day so be sure to look gorgeous in every aspect.