Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oily Skin Care: Home Remedies for Oily Skin

If you get a layer of oil on your face a short while of after washing the face, that means you have a oily skin. Oily skin easily get acnes and pimples problems. That is why an oily skin needs special skin care. There are number of treatments for oily skin. Some of the very useful tips for oily skin care is given below.

* Take one egg white, I tablespoon of Lemon juice, I tablespoon of Mint and ½ cucumber. Mix all the ingredients properly and apply on the face. Let this be dry for 15 minutes and wash. This helps in removing access oil from the face

* Mash a tomato and apply it on face. Tomatoes are effective for oily skin.

* Take a tomato, lemon juice and oats. Mix them and apply this mask on whole face. Now wash face with warm water. The home remedy is really very effective for oily skin.

* Use of clay mask is also very useful for oily skin. It clears out excess oil from skin.

* A good diet with rich of proteins and vitamins is also essential for skin care. So, always include fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables in your diet. Stay away from oily and fried foods.

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