Sunday, January 24, 2010

Makeup Tips for Dark Girls

makeup tips for dark skinThis is the world of fashion and everyone wants to look better than the other. Especially people with dark skin want to make them more clearer and fair. For this sometimes they apply lots of cosmetics products and other surgeries to make them brighter. But sometimes this may harm their skin, if not applied in proper way. This article has been written on make tips that is very useful for the dark skin tone and can give a natural look to a dark skin.

Dark skin is more formable than the fair skin tone. Make up is like skill. Make up is applied to hide the imperfection, defect of the skin. Make up is also said to be fruitful, productive, appraising and softness.

Here we are presenting you some make tips for dark skin tone mentioned below:

It is true that the dark skin can cause the keratin layer thicker. There are number of girls that complaints about their oily or greasy skin. This present of oiliness will disappear after thirty. It is very essential to clean or take care of the skin. For the dark skin tone it is very essential to control the moisture. So always use the light soothing creams for nourishing your skin. It is also taking care that always used the moisturizer under the make up. It is also very essential to prevent your skin from the dry winds.

You can also take shower in the lukewarm water not hot and remember always use lotions to make the skin soft and it brings the natural brightness.

Dark skin requires little or no tinged foundations or powder because they mostly have the natural glow and good tone.

For the dark skin girls remember always use the light baby color foundation. This is very useful to give the skin a brightness and not heavy. Also sidestep to applying the heavy powder.

For dark skin, it appears excellent with the dark purple and blue colors for eye make up. Dark metallic colors also look good on dark skin tone. In the end finishes your eyes with the help of eyeliner and black mascara.

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